Web Accessibility News

Web Accessibility Monitoring

When it comes to web accessibility monitoring, there’s a lot of tools out there that help do the job. Some include using a browser extension to using a tool that you run on your computer or a 3rd party service. Different purposes for all of the above and A11yWatch was designed to bring this with

Free Software and Releasing A11yWatch to the public

We really believe GNU org is in the right mindset that most software should be free to use, customize, view the source, and etc. This brings us to a point where we are going to release A11yWatch open to the public and host it on our GitHub repo. This will also make accessibility universally visible

We officially open our API and editable scripts

Today marks a big day for A11yWatch, we officially launch the ability to edit your custom catered website scripts for better precision. This feature is currently only available for paid subs. We also launch access to some of our API endpoints so that way you guys can build on-top of this etc. If you login

Editable custom scripts

Today June 17th, 2020 we launch an intro to editing your custom fix scripts for your website. Currently you need to subscribe as a paid member to get the ability to edit scripts. Editing your script will allow to to get greater precision on things like alt tag names and other specific fixes. Go to

Web Accessibility Checker

If you need to be WACG ADA complaint one of the initial things to do is to evaluate your website with an online website evaluation tool. This allows you to get a report style tackle list of your issues and how to fix them depending on the evaluation tool you use. In a way you

A11yWatch initial launch

Initial launch for https://www.a11ywatch.com This is where you get the latest insights on accessibility tips, new features on A11yWatch, and more. We will provide a roadmap to come so you guys can see what we are actively working on. The A11yWatch team is excited to start to bring accessibility to the forefront and simple. If