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We officially open our API and editable scripts

Today marks a big day for A11yWatch, we officially launch the ability to edit your custom catered website scripts for better precision. This feature is currently only available for paid subs. We also launch access to some of our API endpoints so that way you guys can build on-top of this etc.

If you login and go to the top right menu and click on the API dropdown you will go to the api page where you can get access to the current endpoints, how to use the API, and your API key.
Heres an example of our image AI service that can detect what an image could be ( useful for filling in alt tags ). Heres the actually production url http://api.a11ywatch.com/api/getImage.

example of the api usage to detect what a image is from a base64 string using AI

Heres an example using our Issue detect engine service below http://api.a11ywatch.com/api/website-check. You can use this endpoint as a Post or Get.

We hope these new additions help bring an impact to your accessibility.